Before the industrial revolution, all Texan furniture was traditionally manufactured with 100% hardwood.

It wasn’t until the late 20th and 21st centuries that materials like steel, aluminum, glass and plastic began to slowly creep their way into the mix. Nowadays, it is commonplace to use these poor quality materials in the furniture manufacturing industry because consumers have forgotten the timeless value and loyalty that hardwood products once provided Wichita Falls home-owners from the not so distant past.

Despite this societal shortcoming, hardwood continues to be the best and a most suitable material that Wichita Falls home-owners can choose for their furniture and appliances.

Hardwood furniture and appliances bring happiness and character to any room. It creates a warm ambience that seems to connect with nature due to its organic origins.
Adding solid wood furniture to a Wichita Falls home introduces a classic and welcoming feel to all visitors and residents.

In addition, hardwood can last generations upon generations thanks to the robustness of its composition, offering an everlasting and timeless quality that cannot be replicated by any of its counterfeit imitations.

Here are a few other Long-term Benefits of Using Hardwood Products at Home:

Strong and Durable

As before mentioned, solid wood is extremely resilient as it is a material that very closely resembles its raw untouched form found in nature. That being said, if trees can withstand earthquakes and heavy rainfall, you better believe their hardwood counterparts can endure minor mishaps like kitchen spills, nicks and scratches. Solid wood furniture is built to last and requires minimal care.

Easy to Maintain

Because of its durability, the maintenance of hardwood furniture and appliances found in Wichita Falls homes is easy and effortless. A weekly wipe-down of the wooden surface with a wood friendly cleaning product is sufficient in keeping up the wood’s quality and appearance.

Keep in mind, it is very important not to allow water to settle on wood for extended periods of time. Too much exposure to highly concentrated amounts of moisture can begin to weaken any kind of wood product and can cause varying degrees of water damage or marks.

A Great Investment

The cost of hardwood furniture and appliances may be elevated but it’s totally worth it as hardwood is more valuable than any other material used in the furniture manufacturing industry. Buying solid wood furniture is considered an investment in something that is guaranteed to last for many years to come.

Each and every piece of hardwood furniture is unique, thanks to the wood’s natural grain. The value of unique hardwood pieces almost always increase with time if they are stored and cleaned properly.

Versatile, Long-lasting and Visually Appealing

The beauty of hardwood furniture and appliances is that they can be restored and refinished several times over to give them a second, third and even fourth life. There are various ways of doing this, like sanding or staining that will ultimately give a piece a whole new look that is vibrant and alive.

Hardwoods can be used in both inside and outside locations thanks to the wide range of colors that it can be obtained in. This means they will look good in any setting and space they are collocated in.

The Koebel Brothers Offer Wichita Fall Home-Owners the “Best Bang for their Buck”
In contrast to softwoods or MDFs and wood composite that is slapped together by almost all wood manufacturing companies, hardwood products made by The Koebel Brothers are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. From doors, to cribs, to countertops and furniture, The Koebel Brothers’ products are exclusive and visually appealing while being very strong and easy to maintain. This family-owned business doesn’t mess with less—they give their customers the best.

Call 940-613-4156 or visit The Koebel Brothers online now for a free, no-hassle consultation about your next hardwood project.

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