Tall Kitchen Cabinets Account for Largest Share of Kitchen Cabinet Design Since 2018

  • Tall kitchen cabinets offer more storage
  • Consumers want to store large kitchen equipment in cabinets for more open counter space
  • New kitchen cabinets increase home value
  • Koebel Brothers Cabinetry is in the cabinetry business for a reason – we love giving customers the future and dream they deserve.

    The Future Trend of Kitchen Remodeling is Tall Kitchen Cabinets

    Baby boomers are moving to smaller living quarters like apartments and town homes, while generation x are purchasing new homes or remodeling and millennials are moving in to the city to live a lofty lifestyle.

    This means that all generations are looking to either downsize, remodel or needing to maximize storage. This is where tall kitchen cabinets come in.

    Tall kitchen cabinets offer more storage for large appliances. Consumers want more storage space for typical items like food and dishwater but also want to store smaller to medium size kitchen equipment like blenders and mixers.

    Also, tall kitchen cabinets are aesthetically pleasing. They blend in to wall cabinets and it creates a modern and sophisticated look.

    There has been a steady rise of almost 5% annually for tall kitchen cabinets as opposed to all other other kitchen cabinet design. It is also the largest share of kitchen cabinet demand in 2018 and will continue to grow through 2023.

    Tall Kitchen Cabinets Increase Home Value

    Consumers are living in tighter living quarters. The home storage industry which includes closets, cabinets, sheds, etc. will increase to over $10 billion.

    One of the top real estate agents in America, Peter Clark, says that the “basic concept is that you don’t ever want a buyer to wonder what else is wrong with the home. So what you see and feel when you’re walking into the house is what matters.”

    The best way to increase the appeal and value of a home is to make it aesthetically pleasing and accommodate the future homeowner. The more comfortable the future homeowner feels when walking into a home, the better the chances are of selling the home.

    If you are looking for research and statistics on how much value you can add to your home with new tall kitchens, take a look at the National Association of Realtors.

    Koebel Brothers Woodmill Cabinet Shop can build you luxury tall kitchen cabinets that are custom for your needs. Increase the value of your home today and call: 940-613-4156

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