Have you ever wondered why Wichita Falls TX Walmart furniture and cabinetry NEVER last?

It is because Walmart furniture in Wichita Falls TX is cheaply made. Sure, it may look beautiful in the picture or on the shelf, but before you make that final purchase, take a minute to really find out what kind of product you’re buying. It will save you a headache and a whole lot of money in the long run.

Upon review of an online Walmart organizer, bookshelf, desk, cabinet, or chair you will most likely see something like this in the description:

Most, if not all of wood products sold by Walmart are made of varying compositions of MDF, particle board and wood composite.

Walmart furniture is made of MDF.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is cheap, plain, and definitely not wood. It is made of very small wood fibers, almost like flour. To understand what MDF is, think of sawdust swept up from other wood product manufacturing processes, mixed with binders and then pressed into large sheets the size of plywood at very high temperatures.


It is more dense then particleboard which allows for easier cutting and shaping. It is also stronger then particle board, but comes nowhere close to the strength and durability of solid wood used by Koebel Brothers Cabinetry.

Walmart furniture is made of PARTICLE BOARD.

Particleboard is very similar to MDF with the exception that it is made from larger, coarser fibers. These fibers splinter, and even sizable chunks of wood break away from particleboard when cut into, shaped, assembled or even moved.

Like MDF, it may cost the costumer less upon purchase, but durability and stability is lacking. When faced with even the smallest challenge it comes short as seen below:

collapsed – bookshelf

Walmart furniture is made of WOOD COMPOSITE.

Composite wood is made up of of several components that may include wood, plastic and straw. These materials are mixed together and bound with resin and other adhesives. Composite wood, like MDF and particleboard, may be less expensive then hardwood products but it too is much less durable.

Hard wood has long, continuous fibers going in the same direction that hold together much better than the manufactured composite wood. Additionally, composite wood may also contain harmful chemicals due to the substances that are used to blend and cohere the wood particles together. Hardwood, on the other hand is completely safe.


Koebel Brothers Cabinetry believes in quality product.

Don’t be fooled by the look, name, or convenience of Walmart furniture. Invest in furniture that will last a lifetime. Visit Koebel Brothers Cabinetry website or call 940-613-4156…for a FREE no hassle consultation.

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